Society-Wide Group Projects

The society occasionally works on group projects. Members of the society are welcomed to join and contribute to these projects. Information on these projects will be up very soon.


Robotics 101

Robotics 101 is an open-source introductory robotics course that we conduct throughout the academic year. Students build and program a simple robot (in python) in this course to navigate a simple maze. No prior experience in robotics and programming is required in this course.

Tickets for the course typically sell out very quickly, so keep in eye on this space!

External Competitions


Pi wars is a two-day, challenge-based robotics compeition in which Raspberry pi controlled robots compete in various challenges to earn points. In previous years, we hold a local round, where teams from formed by our society's members compete and the best team goes to the final round in Cambridge.

More information about this year's piwars will be available soon!


Eurobot is an international robotics competition open to students and independent clubs. ICRS has first sent a team to Eurobot in 2011, and has since them sent teams several times throughout the years. There is a local round in UK and an international round hosted at different locations throughout Europe.

If you are an Imperial student (Undergraduate / Postgraduate) interested in starting an entry for this year's Eurobot, please send us an email at [email protected]