Robotics Lab and EEE Card Access

The robotics lab is located at room 505 in the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering in the South Kensington Campus. Here you can find various tools, facilities and technical help for you to work on your amazing robotics projects!

To get access to the raddest place in college, you have to sign up for membership and request card access using this form here. (The form is not available at the moment, and will be up very soon)

Laser Cutter Inductions

The computer that sits besides the laser cutter should be used only to operate the laser cutter. Members are discouraged from making designs on the computer as it might disrupt the laser cutter's availability. To make your designs, you can download CAD software on your own laptops.

To use the laser cutter in the robotics lab, you have to attend one of our induction sessions. Only after attending these sessions will you have access to the software that controls the laser cutter. (The exact time and date of laser cutter induction sessions will be available when the term begins!)

3D printing

The 3D printers in ICRS are currently under maintainence.