Society-Wide Projects

Lunar Explorer and Soil Sampling Rover (LESSR)

A team of students from Imperial College Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (ICSEDS) spent the academic year of 2016/2017 working on the preliminary design of a lunar rover, named the Lunar Exploration and Soil Sampling Rover (LESSR). The aim of this rover is to explore treacherous terrain on the southern pole of the moon, where some craters, most famously Shackleton Crater, have not been exposed to sunlight for millions of years. It is speculated, but unconfirmed, that ice water is to be found in the dark regions of these craters. The permanent shadows renders the use of large solar powered rovers to be infeasible. The solution is to have a larger lander with Solar panels placed at the edge of the crater where it can receive power from sunlight and enable communications to Earth. A smaller, mobile, battery powered rover can then collect samples of lunar regolith from the shadowed regions to transport back to a larger base station for analysis. These mission objectives are in accordance with the European Space Agencies’ (ESA) long term goals for lunar exploration and a ‘Lunar Village’.

The project has been continued for a second year, with the aim of competing in the UKSEDS Rover Competition in July of 2018. The team is entirely student led as a collaborating project between ICSEDS and ICRS, as well as the Departments of Mechanical and Electrical Engineering. The project is currently looking for talented and enthusiastic team members that wish to work on an exciting robotic project. Any interested students can email the Project Leader, Morgan Nightingale ([email protected]) for more information. Due to the Technical requirements of the project, 2 nd year students and above will be highly valued, however there is always a place for experienced first year students.


Robotics 101

Robotics 101 is an open-source introductory robotics course that we conduct throughout the academic year. Students build and program a simple robot (in python) in this course to navigate a simple maze. No prior experience in robotics and programming is required in this course.

Tickets for the course typically sell out very quickly, so keep in eye at the union shop.

External Competitions


Pi wars is a two-day, challenge-based robotics compeition in which Raspberry pi controlled robots compete in various challenges to earn points. In previous years, we hold a local round, where teams from formed by our society's members compete and the best team goes to the final round in Cambridge.

More information about this year's piwars will be available soon!


Eurobot is an international robotics competition open to students and independent clubs. ICRS has first sent a team to Eurobot in 2011, and has since them sent teams several times throughout the years. There is a local round in UK and an international round hosted at different locations throughout Europe.

If you are an Imperial student (Undergraduate / Postgraduate) interested in starting an entry for this year's Eurobot, please send us an email at [email protected]

Proposing Your Own Projects

ICRS prides itself on providing a stimulating environment for students to pursue interesting projects. Most projects are proposed by society members, with support and assistance being provided by the society. This assistance comes in many forms, such as funding, component sourcing and the invaluable experience of older members. We would love to hear about any project you have in mind, especially if there is any way that we can help. We take pride in the projects that we run and so would also like to feature them on the society website in the hope of encouraging others to pursue cool and exciting projects.

In order to be a valid project for ICRS to get involved with, the project must be:

To get in touch about projects, submit the form below and someone from ICRS will be in contact shortly. If you have any further questions or wish to discuss further, email the Project Coordinator, Morgan Nightingale at [email protected]

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