An open source robotics course for makers

Creating a robot is a great way to bring people into the field of making - few other projects combine electronics, coding and basic mechanics together in such a natural and engaging way.

We've had 4 years of experience running robotics courses at the Imperial College Robotics Society, and opening up this course is our way of giving back to the community that has helped us along the way.


Robotics 101 is designed to be as cheap as possible, so everyone can learn robotics. The cost for the whole robot, including Raspberry Pi and battery is less than £30.

Easy to teach

We've had a lot of experience teaching this course, and we've channeled it all into developing comprehensive learning materials to help you teach Robotics 101.


Everything about this course is open, and that includes its future. We'd love to see you develop optional additions to 101 robots that build on the functionality we provide.

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